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 November 25th 2013

On the occasion of November 25th - the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, NGOs 'Women's Rights Center', 'Women's Safe House' and 'SOS Hotline for Women and Children - Victims of Violence' invited the Government of Montenegro to discuss the results of the application of laws and protocols that govern family violence and the Strategy for Protection against Family violence 2011-2015 and to take urgent measures to ensure their effective implementation.

We urge the government of Montenegro to prevent the continued violation of human rights of women and children who are survivors of violence , not only by their family members, but also by the institutions whose duty is to provide them with support and protection.

The state did not take all available measures to ensure the effective protection of victims, such as the multi-sectoral approach to the problem and a sufficient number of support services for victims, as required by the Law on Protection against Family Violence and the Strategy for Protection from Family Violence.

Only three out of nine set objectives for protection against family violence adopted in 2011 were partially and belatedly realized and those tree objectives were related to new regulations in the field of family violence, training of professional staff and raising public awareness . The remaining six key objectives related to the improvement of social and other types of protection for victims of family violence , the development of programs for prevention of family violence , the implementation of a multidisciplinary model of approach to prevention and protection from family violence, cooperation of all stakeholders in providing protection to victims of family violence.  The enforcement of psycho-social treatment of perpetrators of family violence and the establishment of an electronic database of domestic violence victims and perpetrators do not work in practice , therefore, the government's commitment to this issue seems only declarative, while the victims are left without care and basic living conditions .

The Commission responsible for coordination , implementation , monitoring and evaluation of the Strategy has met only once since the establishment and did not respond to the task proposed by the Law on Protection from Family Violence and the current Strategy, which , in addition to the above, instructs the Commission to develop an action plan on annual basis .

We recall that Montenegro ratified the Council of Europe Convention on Preventing and Combating Violence Against Women and Family violence (adopted on the 11th of May 2011 in Istanbul) and thus made a legal commitment to meet all standards the Convention provides. According to that, the state is obliged to take necessary legislative and other measures to adopt and implement effective, comprehensive and coordinated government policies that include all relevant measures of prevention and combating all forms of violence covered by the Convention and provide a holistic response to violence against women; to ensure that the policies put the rights of the victim in the focus of all measures that are applied through the effective cooperation of all relevant authorities , institutions and organizations; to provide adequate financial and human resources to effectively implement integrated policies, measures and programs for prevention and combating all forms of violence covered by this Convention, including those carried out by NGOs and civil society, as well as to establish one or more official bodies responsible for the coordination, implementation , monitoring and evaluation of policies and measures for preventing and combating all forms of violence covered by this Convention .

Women's Rights Center

Maja Raičević , Executive Director

Women's Safe House

Ljiljana Raičević , President

SOS Hotline for Women and Children Victims of Violence Niksic

Nataša Međedović , Executive Coordinator

November 25th 2013

Ana Jaredic , the representative of the Women's Rights Center, participated in the nineteenth session of the Parliament's Committee for Gender Equality, held for the purpose of the control hearing of Mr. Predrag Boskovic, Minister of Labor and Social Welfare, Dr. Mensud Grbovic , Deputy Minister of Health and Mr. Slavko Stojanovic,Director of the Police Administration, on the subject of implementation of the Strategy for protection against Domestic Violence 2011-2015.

In addition to members of the Committee, the representatives of the United Nations, the European Union and the OSCE Mission to Montenegro as well as the representatives of NGOs " Bona Fide " - Pljevlja , "Women's Safe House " -Podgorica and " SOS Telephone for Women and Children - Victims of Violence - Niksic " also attended the discussion. By majority of vote the following conclusions were adopted:
The Committee concluded that the available data indicated the higher level of visibility of the problem of violence against women. The problems that arise in practice indicate that it is necessary to raise the level of cooperation between the competent authorities, as well as their cooperation with civil society and to continually work to strengthen the capacities in terms of specific knowledge and skills .
The Committee stated that the work on the implementation of the Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence of the Council of Europe and on raising awareness of the society and all stakeholders should be intensified in order to combat violence against women; as well as that the achievement of the social consensus, in order to overcome the problems and find the best, most effective solutions, is only possible trough cooperation. 
The Board will monitor the adoption of regulations for the implementation of the Law on Social and Child Protection within the legally prescribed time limits.


November 21st 2013

Ms. Urlike Lunacek, member of the European parliament sent an open letter of support to Women's Rights Center regarding the initiative for amending the existing Law on the Election of Councilors and Representatives aimed at greater participation of women in the work of the Parliament and local authorities:

Parliament of Montenegro, October the 31st 2013


Representatives of NGOs Women's Rights Center and Anima participated in the meeting of the Working Group for building confidence in the electoral process, where they presented a proposal amending the existing Law on Election of councilors and members of the parliament and requested that the Working Group members support the proposed amendment which would provide women with 30% of seats in the Parliament. The proposal was initiated by Women's Rights Center and supported by seventeen non-governmental organizations.




October 4th 2013

WRC representative held a lecture ’Concept of Women’s Human Rights’ in scope of the School of Human Rights organized by the Center for Civic Education.